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Night train from berlin to france

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Experience the magic of Europe’s rail revival as the Nightjet sleeper train between Paris and Berlin is set to make a comeback. After a hiatus of nine years, Austrian rail operator ÖBB is relaunching the popular night train service, allowing you to fall asleep in one iconic city and wake up in another.

Starting on the 11th of December from Berlin, the train will make stops at several enchanting destinations such as Strasbourg, Mannheim, Erfurt, and Halle. With the promise of a daily service from autumn 2024, this is your chance to embark on a memorable overnight journey through the heart of Europe. The experience promises not only speed but a scenic view of Europe’s heartland.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this unforgettable trip, it’s essential to secure your rail tickets in advance. With special early bird discounts for the initial season, there’s never been a better time to plan your European escapade. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this journey promises to be a highlight. Reserve your seat now and be a part of this historic rail experience.

Nightjet Sleeper Train Relaunch

After a nine-year break, the Nightjet sleeper train service by Austrian rail operator ÖBB is set to relaunch on 11 December.

This exciting news means that you’ll be able to fall asleep in Paris and wake up in Berlin, making travel between these two iconic European cities easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

The service will initially run three times per week, with plans to offer a daily service starting from autumn 2024.

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Route and Stops

The Nightjet sleeper train will make stops at Strasbourg in France, as well as Mannheim, Erfurt, and Halle in Germany. This route also offers a convenient connection between Berlin and Paris, eliminating the need for travelers to change stations during their journey. With a well-planned timetable in place, passengers can expect a smooth and efficient travel experience.

ÖBB Leading Europe’s Night Train Revival

ÖBB, the Austrian national rail operator, is taking the lead in Europe’s night train revival. In addition to the relaunch of the Paris-Berlin sleeper train, ÖBB has already introduced new sleeper routes, such as the one between Vienna and Paris via Salzburg and Munich. This service has been well-received by travelers, prompting the expansion of the Nightjet sleeper train network.

France and Germany’s Rail Operators

France and Germany’s national rail operators have also recognized the growing demand for train travel between the two countries.

France’s sophisticated rail network will expand in 2024 with the introduction of a high-speed train service linking Paris and Berlin.

This direct link will significantly reduce travel time, allowing passengers to complete the journey in approximately seven hours. Additionally, both countries have released thousands of free cross-border tickets for young people, further incentivizing train travel.

Increased Rail Travel Between France and Germany

The efforts to improve rail travel between France and Germany are expected to lead to an increase in passenger numbers. Germany’s Deutsche Bahn and Austria’s ÖBB predict a 40% increase in passengers compared to five years ago. This surge in rail travel not only enhances connectivity between the two countries but also contributes to sustainable tourism and public transport, aligning with the global focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Sleeper Train Start-up: From Train Guard to CEO

The revival of night train services has given rise to many exciting opportunities in the industry, with new players entering the market. One such success story is European Sleeper, a start-up that was founded by a former train guard and has since achieved success through crowdfunding. European Sleeper offers unique and comfortable night train experiences, catering to the needs of modern travelers who seek alternative modes of transportation.

Flight-Free Holidays: Trains vs. Planes

The benefits of train travel over air travel are becoming increasingly apparent to travelers. Trains offer a more relaxed and comfortable journey, allowing passengers to enjoy the scenery and move around freely. Additionally, train travel often proves to be more cost-effective, especially with the rise of budget-friendly options. Furthermore, trains have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to airplanes, making them a greener option for those conscious of their carbon footprint.

Bedbug Sightings on French Trains

Safety concerns are always a top priority for travelers, and reports of bedbug sightings on French trains have raised questions about hygiene and cleanliness. Train operators have taken immediate action to address these concerns, implementing rigorous cleaning protocols and pest control measures. Passengers can have peace of mind knowing that their safety and comfort are of utmost importance to the rail operators.

Government Shutdown and Air Travel Disruption

The impact of government shutdowns on air travel can be significant, resulting in flight cancellations, delays, and general travel disruption. Travelers are advised to stay informed about any potential government shutdowns and to take necessary precautions in case of disruption. It is always a good idea to have contingency plans and travel insurance in place to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances.

Travel News Section

Euro Travel Insider’s Travel News section has a wealth of informative articles that cover a wide range of topics, including carry-on bag information, visa fees, and strikes. These articles provide valuable insights and information to help travelers stay informed and make informed decisions. Stay up to date with the latest travel news and trends by checking out these travel news articles on Euro Travel Insider.

In conclusion, the relaunch of the Nightjet sleeper train service between Paris and Berlin marks an exciting development in Europe’s rail revival. With improved connectivity, reduced travel times, and increased focus on sustainability, train travel is becoming a more attractive option for travelers.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient way to explore Europe or aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, the Nightjet sleeper train and other rail services offer a fantastic alternative to air travel. So why not plan your next trip and experience the charm of train travel for yourself?

The romantic allure of a night train journey is soon to be complemented by the modern innovation brought forward by Evolyn, a high-speed rail startup poised to redefine travels for 2025/26.

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