Evolyn: The High-Speed Rail Startup Set to Challenge Eurostar’s Monopoly


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Get ready for a new contender in the world of high-speed rail travel. Evolyn, a startup set to launch in 2025, is poised to challenge Eurostar’s longstanding monopoly on cross-Channel trains.

With a planned service from London to Paris, Evolyn aims to shake up the market and provide travelers with an alternative option for their journey. This announcement comes as Evolyn confirmed the purchase of 12 trains from Alstom, a major rolling stock manufacturer.

Although the identity of its investors remains mysterious, Evolyn has disclosed that they consist of a consortium of French and British partners, investment funds, and railway professionals. With its sights set on offering a non-stop service between London and Paris, Evolyn is looking to transform the way we travel between these iconic European cities.

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Evolyn: The High-Speed Rail Startup Set to Challenge Eurostar’s Monopoly

Evolyn, a high-speed rail startup, is preparing to take on Eurostar’s 30-year monopoly on cross-Channel trains. Expected to begin operations in 2025, Evolyn plans to launch a cross-Channel service from London to Paris, marking the first time a competitor has entered the market in three decades.

With the aim of providing a faster and more efficient alternative to Eurostar, Evolyn is poised to challenge Eurostar’s dominance and revolutionize the cross-Channel passenger rail market.

Evolyn to Begin Operations in 2025

Evolyn’s first trains are expected to start running in 2025, with full operation of the service anticipated to commence in 2026. The company is focused on delivering a high-quality and efficient rail service, offering passengers a seamless cross-Channel travel experience. By providing a new option for travelers, Evolyn aims to create healthy competition in the market and improve accessibility between London and Paris.

Evolyn Plans Cross-Channel Service from London to Paris

Evolyn’s initial focus is on establishing a non-stop service between London St Pancras International and Paris Nord. This direct route will offer passengers the convenience of a seamless journey, without any stops along the way.

However, Evolyn also sees the potential to add stops in northern France in the future, further enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

Agreement with Alstom for Purchase of Trains

In a significant development, Evolyn has reached an agreement with leading French multinational rolling stock manufacturer, Alstom, for the purchase of 12 trains. There is also potential for expansion, with talks underway to potentially increase the fleet to 16 trains.

This partnership with Alstom demonstrates Evolyn’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art trains that prioritize speed, comfort, and sustainability.

Investment of £1 billion in Evolyn Project

Evolyn’s ambitious project has attracted a total investment of £1 billion. The substantial financial backing reflects the confidence and support from stakeholders who recognize the growth potential of the cross-Channel passenger rail market.

This investment will be allocated towards infrastructure development, operational costs, and ensuring a seamless passenger experience. With trains expected to start running in 2025, Evolyn is committed to ensuring the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Ownership and Shareholders of Evolyn

Evolyn is backed by a consortium of French and British partners, including industrialists, investment funds, financiers, and long-standing railway professionals. This diverse ownership structure brings together a wealth of expertise and resources, ensuring the success of the project.

While the specific details of the investors are yet to be revealed pending finalization, their participation and commitment to Evolyn underscores the confidence they have in the project’s potential.

CEO of Evolyn is Jorge Cosmen

At the helm of Evolyn is CEO Jorge Cosmen, a member of the Spanish industrialist family. His extensive experience and strategic vision make him ideally suited to lead the ambitious startup.

Although Jorge Cosmen’s family has significant investments in the UK-based coach and train company Mobico, it is important to note that Mobico is not part of the Evolyn consortium. As CEO, Jorge Cosmen will guide the company towards achieving its goals and establishing itself as a major player in the rail industry.

Eurostar’s Monopoly on Cross-Channel Trains

For the past three decades, Eurostar has held a monopoly on cross-Channel trains, connecting London and mainland Europe via high-speed rail. However, Evolyn’s entry into the market marks the end of Eurostar’s dominance.

The arrival of a competitor brings both excitement and opportunities for passengers, who will benefit from increased options, competitive fares, and improved services. Evolyn’s unique value proposition will challenge Eurostar’s traditional model and drive innovation in the industry.

Renovation Work on Dutch Capital’s Railway Station

Renovation work planned on Amsterdam’s main railway station has the potential to impact Eurostar’s operations. As part of the renovation project, the London-Netherlands route could be temporarily suspended from June 2024.

This interruption in service may prompt travelers to explore alternative transportation options, further highlighting the need for a reliable and efficient cross-Channel rail service like Evolyn. The renovation work in Amsterdam provides an opportunity for Evolyn to showcase its superior offering and attract passengers seeking seamless connectivity between the two capitals.

Confirmation of Growth Potential of the Cross-Channel Passenger Rail Market

Evolyn’s announcement of its entry into the cross-Channel passenger rail market confirms the immense growth potential of this sector. The increasing demand for convenient, fast, and sustainable travel options between London and Paris presents a significant opportunity for innovative players like Evolyn.

As the infrastructure of the Channel Tunnel, which operates on an open access basis, is designed to accommodate double the current rail traffic, the growth potential of the market is evident. Evolyn’s arrival heralds a new era of competition and choice for travelers in this ever-expanding market.

Evolyn’s Planned Route: London St Pancras International to Paris Nord

Evolyn’s planned route will offer a non-stop service from London St Pancras International to Paris Nord, providing passengers with a direct and efficient travel option. The focus on this initial route showcases Evolyn’s commitment to establishing seamless connectivity between these two major cities.

While there is potential for the addition of stops in northern France in the future, Evolyn’s core objective is to optimize the London to Paris route and redefine the travel experience for passengers.

In conclusion, Evolyn’s entry into the cross-Channel passenger rail market marks an exciting turning point. With its ambitious plans, strategic investments, and experienced leadership, Evolyn is poised to challenge Eurostar’s monopoly and provide passengers with a superior alternative.

The comprehensive infrastructure, the commitment to speed and efficiency, and the emphasis on customer experience make Evolyn a formidable competitor in the market.

As the startup prepares to launch its service in 2025 and fully operate in 2026, it promises to revolutionize cross-Channel travel and redefine the industry as a whole.

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