Seville Implements Ban on Obscene Behavior of Stag and Hen Parties


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Imagine planning a fun-filled stag or hen party in the vibrant Spanish city of Seville, only to find out that the local council is cracking down on “obscene acts” and antisocial behavior.

The newly elected mayor, Jose Luis Sanz, has announced that a new law will be implemented to ban wearing underwear in public, donning costumes with “sexist elements or messages,” and engaging in acts of obscene exhibitionism. Residents have expressed their frustrations with the behavior of some tourist groups, leading to the support of this proposed law.

So, if you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Seville, make sure to adhere to the rules to avoid facing fines.

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Seville Implements Ban on Obscene Behavior of Stag and Hen Parties


Seville, a popular tourist destination in Spain, has recently proposed a ban on the “obscene” behavior of stag and hen parties. These parties, often characterized by excessive drinking and rowdy behavior, have become a cause for concern among the city’s residents. The increased number of tourists post-pandemic has amplified these issues and prompted the local government to take action.

Increased tourist numbers post-pandemic lead to antisocial behavior

After facing a decline in tourism during the pandemic, Seville has seen a significant increase in visitor numbers. While the city welcomes tourists and their contribution to the local economy, the behavior of some stag and hen parties has become a point of contention. Residents have expressed anger and frustration at the disruptive and disrespectful actions of these groups, leading to a need for measures to address the issue.

Mayor of Seville announces plan to curb obscene acts

To tackle the problem of obscene behavior by stag and hen parties, the mayor of Seville, Jose Luis Sanz, has announced a plan to implement a new city council law. This law aims to curb the specific acts that are deemed obscene and antisocial. By establishing clear guidelines and consequences for rule breakers, the city hopes to create a more welcoming and respectful environment for both tourists and locals.

Fines for rule breakers

In order to enforce the new regulations, the mayor has emphasized that there will be fines imposed on individuals who fail to abide by the rules. While the exact sum of these fines has not been revealed, the intention behind implementing penalties is to discourage and deter inappropriate behavior. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, the city aims to promote a safer and more enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Seville bans ‘sexist costumes’

New city council law prohibits wearing underwear in public

As part of the new city council law, wearing underwear in public has been explicitly prohibited. This ban aims to address the issue of inappropriate and revealing attire worn by some partygoers. By eliminating the display of undergarments in public spaces, the city seeks to promote a more respectful and modest environment for both locals and tourists.

Costumes with sexist elements or messages are banned

Another aspect of the ban focuses on prohibiting costumes with sexist elements or messages. The intention behind this regulation is to create a more inclusive and respectful atmosphere, free from offensive and degrading imagery. By discouraging the use of costumes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes, the city of Seville aims to foster a welcoming environment for all individuals.

Outfits that violate moral or sexual integrity of others are prohibited

The new city council law also seeks to prohibit outfits that violate the moral or sexual integrity of others. This includes clothes that could potentially offend or make others uncomfortable. By setting boundaries and guidelines for appropriate attire, Seville hopes to promote a more harmonious coexistence among its diverse community of residents and visitors.

Acts of obscene exhibitionism are not allowed

Additionally, acts of obscene exhibitionism, such as public nudity or lewd behavior, will not be tolerated under the new law. These actions have been a source of discomfort and distress for many residents, prompting the need for stricter regulations. By explicitly banning such behavior, Seville aims to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration.

Stag and hen parties are ‘shameful’

Residents express frustration at visitor behavior

Residents of Seville have long been voicing their frustration at the behavior of stag and hen parties. The excessive drinking, noise, and disruptive actions of these groups have been a cause for concern among the local community. The recent increase in tourist numbers post-pandemic has further amplified these issues, leading to a growing sense of frustration among residents.

Residents applaud the proposed new law

The announcement of the proposed ban on obscene behavior of stag and hen parties has garnered widespread support from the residents of Seville. Many view the new law as a necessary step towards preserving the city’s integrity and ensuring a more pleasant living environment. The proposed regulations have been hailed as a positive development that will help address the concerns raised by residents.

Complaints about nudity and inappropriate behavior

Residents have specific complaints about the nudity and inappropriate behavior exhibited by some stag and hen parties. The sight of individuals engaging in indecent acts in public spaces has been a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many. The proposed ban aims to create a more respectful and family-friendly atmosphere, where such behavior is no longer tolerated.

Similar bans in other Spanish cities

Seville is not the only Spanish city to implement bans on obscene behavior and inappropriate attire. In Malaga, fines were introduced for nudity and inappropriate behavior in public spaces.

Similarly, Mojácar in Almería banned the wearing of certain costume items and engaging in behavior that is considered inappropriate. These examples highlight a broader trend of Spanish cities taking measures to regulate the behavior of tourists and maintain a positive image for their respective destinations.

In conclusion, Seville’s proposed ban on the obscene behavior of stag and hen parties is a response to the increased tourist numbers post-pandemic and the associated antisocial behavior. The aim of the ban is to create a more respectful and inclusive environment for both residents and visitors.

By implementing clear guidelines and consequences, Seville seeks to curb obscene acts and promote a more enjoyable experience for all. The banning of sexist costumes, wearing underwear in public, and acts of obscene exhibitionism are all part of the broader effort to foster a sense of mutual respect and consideration in the city.

The response from residents has been positive, with many applauding the proposed new law. Seville’s approach aligns with similar measures taken by other Spanish cities, signaling a broader movement to regulate tourist behavior across the country.

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