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Imagine wrapping yourself in warmth and comfort as you brave the cold winter months. The Marmot Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket, Fill Power 700, is the perfect companion for those harsh conditions. This puffer-style jacket not only keeps you cozy but also boasts impressive features to tackle wet environments.

With 700-fill power down and the protection of Down Defender, you can trust that this jacket won’t lose its loft or insulation when exposed to moisture. The added zip-off hood with a removable fur ruff and microfleece-lined pockets and cuffs ensure that your extremities stay toasty. Plus, convenient storage pockets and a sleek design make this jacket a versatile and stylish choice. Embrace winter without sacrificing warmth with the Marmot Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket.

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to battling the harsh winter conditions, you need a jacket that offers both warmth and comfort. That’s where the Marmot Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket with Fill Power 700 comes in. This puffer-style jacket is specifically designed to keep you cozy even in the harshest weather.

Scientific research has shown that insulation is crucial in maintaining body heat. The Ithaca Down Jacket is insulated with 700-fill power down, providing excellent insulation to keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Additionally, the jacket is protected with Down Defender, a moisture-resistant treatment that prevents the insulation from clumping and losing its loft when exposed to wet environments. This innovative feature increases the jacket’s ability to keep you warm even when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

The Ithaca Jacket also offers a range of features and benefits that enhance its functionality and style. It features a zip-off hood with a removable synthetic fur ruff, allowing you to customize your look according to your preferences. The microfleece-lined pockets and cuffs provide added warmth to your extremities, ensuring that no chilly gusts of wind penetrate your jacket. With an internal zippered pocket and a sleeve pocket with a flap closure, you can securely store your accessories and easily access your ski pass or other frequently used items.

Marmot womens Ithaca down puffer jacket fill power 700.

Features and Benefits

Excellent Insulation for Superior Warmth

The 700-fill power-down insulation of the Ithaca Jacket ensures that you stay warm even in freezing temperatures. The high-quality down efficiently traps body heat, providing unparalleled insulation.

Moisture-Resistant Technology

Thanks to the Down Defender treatment, the Ithaca Jacket’s insulation remains effective even in wet conditions. This treatment prevents the down from clumping and losing its loft, ensuring that you stay warm and dry in any weather.

Customizable Look

With a zip-off hood featuring a removable synthetic fur ruff, the Ithaca Jacket allows you to tailor your style according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek, hoodless look or a cozy fur-lined hood, this jacket has you covered.

Cozy Microfleece-Lined Pockets and Cuffs

The Ithaca Jacket features microfleece-lined pockets and cuffs, offering extra insulation and coziness to your extremities. Say goodbye to cold fingers and wrists – this jacket keeps you warm from head to toe.

Discover more about the Marmot Womens Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket, Fill Power 700.

Product Quality

Marmot is a trusted brand known for producing high-quality outdoor gear. The Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket is no exception.

Crafted with attention to detail and using premium materials, this jacket embodies Marmot’s commitment to excellence.

Additionally, the use of 700-fill power down and the presence of Down Defender technology speaks volumes about the jacket’s quality. These features ensure that the insulation retains its loft and effectiveness, providing you with long-lasting warmth and comfort.

What It’s Used For

Outdoor Adventures

The Women’s Ithaca Down Jacket is a winter-ready companion for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or simply going for a hike in the snow, this jacket keeps you warm and protected from the elements.

Everyday Wear

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from looking stylish. The Ithaca Jacket combines functionality with fashion, making it the perfect choice for everyday wear. Whether you’re running errands or meeting friends for a coffee, this jacket will keep you warm without compromising your style.


If you’re planning a winter getaway, make sure to pack the Ithaca Jacket. Its lightweight design and exceptional warmth make it an ideal travel companion. You’ll be ready for any weather that comes your way, whether you’re exploring a snowy city or venturing into the great outdoors.

On-the-Go Convenience

The Ithaca Jacket is equipped with multiple pockets to store your essentials. The internal zippered pocket keeps your accessories secure, while the sleeve pocket with flap closure provides easy access to your frequently used items such as your ski pass or phone. This functionality ensures that you’re always prepared and organized, even when you’re on the move.

Marmot Womens Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket, Fill Power 700

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Fill Power 700
Insulation Type Down
Jacket Style Puffer
Hood Zip-off with a removable synthetic fur ruff
Pockets Microfleece-lined
Internal Pocket Zippered
Sleeve Pocket With flap closure
Care Instructions Machine Wash Cold, Use Liquid Detergent, Gentle Cycle, Do Not Use Powdered Detergent, Tumble Dry Low, Remove Promptly, Do Not Iron, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Use Fabric Softener, Rinse Twice, Do Not Store Wet

Who Needs This

Anyone looking for a reliable and stylish winter jacket can benefit from the Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a fashion-conscious individual, or a frequent traveler, this jacket is designed to meet your needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent insulation for superior warmth
  • Moisture-resistant treatment to keep you dry
  • Customizable look with a removable fur ruff
  • Cozy microfleece-lined pockets and cuffs
  • Convenient pocket options for storage


  • May not be suitable for extremely cold temperatures without layering


Q: Is this jacket waterproof? A: While the jacket is treated with Down Defender to resist moisture, it is not fully waterproof. It provides excellent protection in wet conditions but may not withstand heavy downpours or prolonged exposure to water.

Q: Can I wear this jacket in very cold temperatures? A: The Ithaca Jacket offers excellent insulation, but extreme cold temperatures may require layering or additional protection to stay warm.

Marmot Womens Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket, Fill Power 700

What Customers Are Saying

Customers rave about the warmth and comfort provided by the Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket. They appreciate its stylish design and the ability to customize the look with the removable fur ruff. Many reviewers highlight the excellent insulation and the convenience of the microfleece-lined pockets.

Overall Value

The Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket offers exceptional value for its price. With its high-quality insulation, moisture-resistant technology, and thoughtful design features, this jacket is an investment in both warmth and style that will last for seasons to come.

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

  • Follow the care instructions to ensure the longevity of your jacket and to maintain its performance.
  • Layer appropriately in extremely cold temperatures to maximize warmth.
  • Customize your look by attaching or detaching the synthetic fur ruff according to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Marmot Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket is a winter essential that combines style, comfort, and exceptional warmth. Its 700-fill power-down insulation and moisture-resistant technology ensure that you stay cozy in harsh conditions. The jacket’s customizable features, microfleece-lined pockets, and convenient storage options make it a versatile and practical choice.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for a reliable and fashionable winter jacket that will keep you warm in the coldest temperatures, the Marmot Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket is the perfect choice. Its quality construction, innovative features, and overall value make it a must-have for any winter wardrobe.

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When braving the chilly trails, the soothing warmth of your Ithaca down puffer jacket can be perfectly balanced with the stylish illumination from a Unisex Beanie with a Light, a delightful companion in the dusk. Discover how these essentials redefine your winter outdoor adventures, fusing snugness with a spark of brilliance.

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