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Step aboard Austria’s new ‘pure luxury’ night trains and experience the epitome of comfort and elegance while traveling across Europe.

Responding to the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives to air and road travel, Austrian rail operator OeBB has unveiled its state-of-the-art sleeper trains, equipped with modern designs, private compartments with toilets and showers, and even single-person cabins for added privacy.

With a commitment to climate protection, these trains run on renewable energy sources, making every kilometer traveled a step towards a better future. Get ready to embark on a luxurious journey that combines sustainability, convenience, and style like never before.

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Overview of Austria’s New Night Trains

Introduction to Austria’s new night trains

Austria’s rail operator, OeBB, has recently unveiled its new generation of sleeper trains, in response to the growing demand for low-carbon alternatives to air travel and cars.

Night trains have been making a comeback in Europe as operators invest in replacing their aging rolling stock. OeBB, with its 20 rail routes across Europe, has been a pioneer in reviving night train services and aims to double its number of overnight passengers from 1.5 million to three million by 2030.

Demand for low-carbon alternatives

With increasing concerns about climate change, there is a growing demand for transportation options that have a lower carbon footprint. Night trains, being an environmentally-friendly mode of travel, are seen as an attractive alternative to planes and petrol or diesel cars. OeBB’s investment in new sleeper trains is a response to this demand and shows their commitment to providing sustainable transportation options.

Investment in new sleeper trains

OeBB has invested a total of €720 million in its new generation of sleeper trains. These trains have been designed to offer passengers a luxurious travel experience while minimizing their impact on the environment. The company has ordered 33 new trains from German conglomerate Siemens, with the first train expected to be in service as early as December.

Goals to increase overnight passengers

OeBB’s ambitious goal is to double the number of overnight passengers from 1.5 million to three million by 2030. The introduction of the new sleeper trains is a significant step towards achieving this target. The company aims to attract more passengers by offering a comfortable and convenient travel option, coupled with the environmental benefits of train travel.

Expansion of routes

Initially, the new sleeper trains will be introduced on the Vienna – Hamburg and Innsbruck – Hamburg lines. However, OeBB plans to expand their services to other routes in Austria, as well as routes in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, there have been delays in gaining approval for expansion into France, but OeBB remains committed to developing night train services throughout Europe.

Features of the New Trains

Modern design

The new sleeper trains feature a modern design that offers passengers a comfortable and stylish travel experience. The sleek and contemporary interior design creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere on board.

Increased privacy

Privacy is an important aspect for many travelers, especially during overnight journeys. The new sleeper trains provide increased privacy with individual compartments for two-person and single-person occupancy. Each compartment is equipped with its own toilet and shower facilities, allowing passengers to have a more personalized and enjoyable journey.

Individual toilets and showers

One of the notable features of the new sleeper trains is the provision of individual toilets and showers in each compartment. This ensures that passengers have a private and convenient space to freshen up during the journey.

Single-person cabins

For solo travelers who prefer utmost privacy, the new sleeper trains offer single-person cabins. These cabins provide a cozy and comfortable space for individuals to relax and rest throughout their journey.

Comparison to old sleeper trains

Passengers who have experienced the older sleeper trains will find the new trains to be a significant upgrade. The modern design, increased privacy, and individual facilities make the new sleeper trains a more luxurious and enjoyable option for overnight travel.

Rollout and Routes

Introduction of trains in December

The first of the new sleeper trains is expected to be in service as early as December. Passengers will have the opportunity to experience the comfort and luxury of these trains right before the holiday season.

Vienna – Hamburg line

The new sleeper trains will initially be introduced on the Vienna – Hamburg line. This route connects Austria’s capital city, Vienna, with the bustling port city of Hamburg in Germany. Passengers traveling between these two cities will now have the option to enjoy a comfortable and convenient overnight journey.

Innsbruck – Hamburg line

In addition to the Vienna – Hamburg line, the new sleeper trains will also be introduced on the Innsbruck – Hamburg line. This route connects the picturesque city of Innsbruck in Austria with Hamburg, providing an opportunity for passengers to explore the stunning landscapes of Austria and Germany.

Expansion to other routes in Austria

After the initial rollout, OeBB plans to expand the new sleeper trains to other routes within Austria. This will provide passengers with more options for overnight travel within the country, making it easier and more convenient to explore different regions of Austria.

Expansion to routes in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland

OeBB aims to provide seamless connectivity across Europe with its new sleeper trains. The company plans to expand its services to routes in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. This will enable passengers to travel to various European destinations in comfort and style, while enjoying the benefits of overnight travel.

Delays in approval for France

While OeBB has ambitious plans for expanding its night train services, there have been delays in gaining approval for the introduction of the new sleeper trains in France. The company remains committed to working towards gaining the necessary approvals and hopes to offer its services in France in the near future.

Environmental Benefits

Trains as a low-carbon transportation option

Night trains are considered a low-carbon transportation option, as they produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to planes or cars. By choosing to travel by night train, passengers can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to efforts in combating climate change.

Use of renewable energy sources

OeBB is dedicated to sustainability and has ensured that all its trains run on electricity generated exclusively by hydropower, solar, and wind power. This commitment to renewable energy sources has significantly reduced the environmental impact of train travel and contributes to Austria’s efforts in protecting the climate.

Contribution to climate protection

OeBB’s new sleeper trains are a testament to the company’s dedication to climate protection. By investing in low-carbon alternatives and promoting sustainable travel options, OeBB is making a significant contribution to protecting the environment and ensuring a better future.

Progress in Austria’s climate protection efforts

OeBB’s commitment to renewable energy sources and the introduction of new sleeper trains is in line with Austria’s broader climate protection efforts. The country has been making significant progress in promoting sustainable transportation and reducing its carbon emissions. The introduction of these new trains further reinforces Austria’s commitment to a greener future.

OeBB’s role in developing night train transport

As a pioneering rail operator, OeBB has played a crucial role in the development of night train transport in Europe. By investing in new sleeper trains and expanding the network of routes, OeBB is actively working towards making night train services more accessible and appealing to passengers across the continent. The company’s commitment to sustainability and customer comfort sets a positive example for other rail operators to follow.

Return of Night Train Service

Berlin-Paris night train service to return

In addition to launching the new sleeper trains, OeBB has also announced the return of the Berlin-Paris night train service. This service will resume on 11 December, nine years after it was canceled. The reintroduction of this popular route showcases OeBB’s dedication to expanding night train services and providing convenient travel options for passengers.

Planned start date and ticket presale

The first passenger service of the new sleeper trains is planned to commence in December. Passengers eager to experience the luxury and comfort of these trains can take advantage of the ticket presale, which starts on 11 October. This allows travelers to secure their tickets early and plan their journeys in advance.

Continued efforts in developing night train services

OeBB’s introduction of the new sleeper trains and the return of the Berlin-Paris night train service are just the beginning of the company’s ongoing efforts to develop night train services in Europe. As a pioneer in this sector, OeBB is committed to providing sustainable and comfortable overnight travel options for passengers. The company will continue to invest in modernizing its fleet and expanding its network of routes to meet the growing demand for night train services.


The introduction of Austria’s new night trains marks a significant step towards sustainable and comfortable overnight travel in Europe. OeBB’s investment in modern sleeper trains, expansion of routes, and commitment to renewable energy sources are commendable.

These new trains offer passengers a luxurious and environmentally-friendly travel experience, while also contributing to Austria’s climate protection efforts. With the return of the Berlin-Paris night train service and plans for further expansion, OeBB is setting an example for other rail operators in Europe.

As night trains make a resurgence, passengers can look forward to a more enjoyable and eco-friendly way of exploring different cities and countries across the continent.

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