Digital nomads find free accommodation in a Sardinian village


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Imagine working remotely from a charming Sardinian village, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and immersed in authentic culture. Well, now you can make that dream a reality through a new initiative.

This program offers digital nomads the opportunity to stay in the picturesque village of Ollolai rent-free for three months. The village is ready to welcome remote workers with open arms, providing them with comfortable accommodations previously occupied by farmers and shepherds.

Not only will you have access to high-speed internet, but you’ll also be invited to local festivals and events, creating a truly enriching experience. With its dwindling population, Ollolai is seeking rejuvenation through this digital nomad initiative, transforming it into a lively hub for remote workers.

So, pack your bags and get ready to embrace the tranquility and charm of this Sardinian village while continuing to work and explore new possibilities.

Digital nomads find free accommodation in a Sardinian village

Are you a digital nomad looking for a change of scenery? How about spending three months rent-free in a picturesque Sardinian village?

Thanks to a new initiative in Ollolai, remote workers now have the opportunity to live and work in this charming Italian village without the burden of rent.

Let’s take a closer look at this exciting opportunity and what it means for digital nomads.

Background of the Sardinian village

Ollolai is a small village located in central Sardinia, far away from the bustling coastal areas that usually attract tourists. With a population of just 1,300 people, Ollolai has seen a decline in population over the years, like many other Italian villages. In an effort to revitalize the village and attract visitors, the mayor, Francesco Columbu, came up with the idea to transform Ollolai into a digital nomad hub.

Introduction to the digital nomad initiative

The “Work from Ollolai” program aims to provide affordable and comfortable housing for digital nomads. The village has set aside €20,000 euros for investment in order to make this initiative a reality.

Over the next two years, Ollolai will host one remote worker at a time for up to three months. This program is open to both European and non-European visitors, without the need for a visa.

First digital nomad to take advantage of the offer

Clarese Partis, a 39-year-old software designer from Los Angeles, was the first digital nomad to seize the opportunity to work in Ollolai. Seeking a change of place and wanting to work off-grid, Clarese saw Ollolai as the perfect location. She was drawn to the village’s natural beauty, fresh air, mountains, and beautiful beaches.

Reasons for wanting to work in Ollolai

Like many other digital nomads, Clarese yearned for a slower-paced lifestyle and a deeper connection with nature. Ollolai offered her the chance to immerse herself in the local culture and take part in activities such as visiting the farmers’ market and cooking with fresh ingredients. The village’s appeal lies in its authenticity and its ability to provide a peaceful and serene environment for remote workers.

Growing trend of digital nomad accommodations

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a surge in remote work and has given rise to the digital nomad lifestyle.

Many accommodation providers and travel packages have recognized this trend and are now catering specifically to digital nomads. Ollolai’s initiative to attract remote workers is part of this growing trend, offering them a unique and immersive experience in a tranquil setting.

Ollolai as a time capsule

One of the notable features of Ollolai is its status as a time capsule. The village has managed to preserve its cultural heritage, providing a glimpse into Italy’s rich history.

Ollolai’s traditional way of life and the remnants of its past can still be seen and experienced by visitors. For digital nomads seeking a unique and authentic experience, Ollolai offers a rare opportunity to live in a place frozen in time.

The importance of preserving cultural heritage

Preserving cultural heritage is not only important for maintaining a community’s identity but also for attracting visitors and creating opportunities for economic growth. Mayor Francesco Columbu recognized the value of Ollolai’s cultural heritage and initiated various programs, such as the ‘buy a house for €1’ initiative, to revitalize the village. The success of these initiatives has encouraged him to invest further in transforming Ollolai into a digital nomad hub.

Mayor’s investment plans for the village

In his efforts to transform Ollolai, Mayor Columbu has set aside €20,000 euros for investments, such as improving infrastructure and providing amenities to accommodate digital nomads. These investments will not only benefit remote workers but also contribute to the overall development of the village. Mayor Columbu’s vision is to make Ollolai an attractive and sustainable destination for digital nomads from around the world.

Application process for digital nomads

If you’re interested in living and working in Ollolai, the application process is straightforward. Digital nomads must apply online before the end of December and provide a proven background as a remote worker. The village is open to applicants from various fields, including technology, media, finance, real estate, architecture, and the arts. The key requirement is that applicants must be willing to leave behind a tangible contribution to the village’s cultural heritage, such as a conference, an essay, a research paper, or a documentary.

Accommodation and amenities in Ollolai

Ollolai offers affordable and comfortable housing for digital nomads. The village provides accommodation in homes that were once occupied by farmers and shepherds.

These homes have been renovated to include an office space and high-speed internet connection, allowing digital nomads to work efficiently. The municipality covers rent, utilities, bills, and service taxes for the nomads, making it an attractive and cost-effective option for remote workers.

Additionally, the friendly locals eagerly welcome digital nomads and extend invitations to local fairs and festivals, creating opportunities for socializing and cultural exchange.

Population decline in Ollolai

One of the main reasons for the digital nomad initiative in Ollolai is the population decline the village has experienced over the years. Like many small Italian communities, Ollolai has seen a decrease in its population, posing significant challenges for the local economy and community.

The initiative aims to reverse this trend by attracting visitors, bringing in new perspectives and ideas, and injecting life into the village.

National efforts to attract visitors

Italy has recognized the decline in population as a national emergency and has been making efforts to attract visitors to its smaller communities.

The ‘buy a house for €1’ initiative, in which Ollolai participated, was a major success, drawing foreigners who invested in renovating old dwellings and bringing them back to life.

These initiatives have not only helped revitalize the villages but have also created a sense of community and belonging among the residents.

Success of the ‘buy a house for €1’ initiative

The success of the ‘buy a house for €1’ initiative served as an inspiration for Ollolai’s transformation into a digital nomad hub.

Dozens of forsaken dwellings were bought and restyled by foreigners, breathing new life into the village.

This success story paved the way for further investment and innovation in Ollolai, with Mayor Columbu leading the way.

Transforming Ollolai into a digital nomad hub

Building on the success of the ‘buy a house for €1’ initiative, Mayor Columbu has set his sights on turning Ollolai into a digital nomad hub.

With an investment of €20,000 euros, the village plans to attract remote workers from around the world by offering them a unique opportunity to live and work in a tranquil environment.

Through this initiative, Ollolai aims to not only bring economic benefits to the village but also create a vibrant and diverse community that thrives on the exchange of ideas and cultures.

Providing affordable and comfortable housing

One of the key factors in attracting digital nomads to Ollolai is the provision of affordable and comfortable housing. The village offers renovated homes that were once occupied by farmers and shepherds, ensuring that digital nomads have a cozy and inviting place to work and live.

These accommodations come equipped with all the necessary amenities, including a high-speed internet connection, enabling remote workers to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Social opportunities for digital nomads

As the only digital nomad in the area, socializing in Ollolai is easy and enjoyable. The locals are known for their warmth and friendliness, eager to get to know the visitor and share their culture and traditions.

Digital nomads can expect to receive invitations to local fairs and festivals, providing them with opportunities to immerse themselves in the vibrant community of Ollolai.

Financial support from the municipality

To ensure that digital nomads have a worry-free experience in Ollolai, the municipality covers rent, utilities, bills, and service taxes for the duration of their stay.

This financial support alleviates the financial burden for remote workers and allows them to focus on their work and enjoy their time in the village.

The municipality’s investment in digital nomads demonstrates their commitment to making Ollolai an attractive and viable destination for remote workers.

Requirements for digital nomads

While Ollolai welcomes digital nomads from all fields, there are certain requirements to be eligible for the program.

Applicants must have a proven background as a remote worker, demonstrating their ability to work independently and contribute to the village’s cultural heritage.

The village encourages applicants from various professional backgrounds, including technology, media, finance, real estate, architecture, arts, and academia.

Leaving a contribution to the village

As part of the reciprocal agreement between Ollolai and the digital nomads, remote workers are expected to leave behind a tangible contribution that enriches the village’s cultural heritage.

This can take the form of a conference, an essay, a research paper, a documentary, or any other meaningful piece of work. By leaving behind a “knowledge jolt,” digital nomads play a vital role in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Ollolai.

Impacts on the local culture

While the digital nomad initiative brings numerous benefits to Ollolai, it is important to consider its impact on the local culture. The integration of digital nomads into the community has the potential to enrich the local culture through the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and traditions.

However, it is essential for digital nomads to be respectful of the village’s cultural heritage and contribute in a meaningful and sustainable way. By fostering a mutual understanding and appreciation, the digital nomad initiative can have a positive and lasting impact on Ollolai and its residents.

In conclusion, Ollolai’s initiative to attract digital nomads provides an exciting opportunity for remote workers to experience the charm and tranquility of a picturesque Sardinian village.

By offering free accommodation, the village hopes to revitalize its economy, preserve its cultural heritage, and create a vibrant community.

For digital nomads looking for a change of scenery and a deep connection with nature, Ollolai presents an idyllic destination. So why not seize the opportunity and work from Ollolai? Your digital nomad adventure awaits!

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